Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A visitior from Germany

Monday late afternoon was the long awaited arrival of my mom/Oma. The plane was about 1/2hour delayed and it took forever to get through customs and getting luggage. She arrived at the house at around seven, while I was already back at work to tend to my two hockey groups. The evening was going pretty fast and I was almost ready to get out of there on time, when the leader of the last group decided he wanted to give me a whole whack of money to pay upfront for the next few weeks, we had to figure out how much to pay for the rest of this year and then the new rate for next year....well needless to say I didn't get out of here til 10:30 pm, mainly too because he was in a good mood and just joking around and teasing the heck out of me....on any other night no problem, but right now....geez.....and please don't call me "Sugar" either lol.....bad enough you call me all other terms of endearment, but "Sugar" is just not right for me. LOL... So I got to the house to greet a very tired mom, but we still managed to chat until about midnight....oh I hope not all nights will be that long.....especially if I have to get up for 4:45am. OUCH!

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