Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Understanding blogs

While browsing the internet I have come across some different blogs. It is amazing what all people use blogs for, some use it for advertising, some to post their photos, some post only receipes, some post the life happenings of their family for relatives, some post day to day thoughts and quotes, some post political things only, some post current news events. Everybody has their own way of using their blog for whatever they want to get across. Sometimes it is hard to understand, and that is mainly because I don't know these people and their blog isn't meant for me and my understanding, some don't interest me, some I find boring and some I find quiet entertaining and interesting. Some blogs are for everyone to see and yet one might not understand what the writer tried to get across, again because these people mean nothing to me. The people that have the privilege to read my blogs will usually know what I am writing about, even if it seems like chinese/german to others. lol. And sometimes if it's hard to understand a blog it is mainly because one is not on the up and up of what's going on in that person's life. And that is ok too. I have always been a believer if you don't understand something ask for clarification before making any assumptions....glad I can take my own advice sometimes lol...... Well here is to blogging.

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jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

It is nice to know that one can write whatever they want and the ones who visit for a read can do what they want with that read. If they choose to ASSUME there must be something in it for them or maybe it just doesn't fit into their way of life. Regardless if it is understood by all, a blog is a way of expressing yourself, stating your thoughts, beliefs and sharing your "observations" of life as you see it.

I personally like to read the blogs which I follow because I find them intersting, not to pick them appart. Although there is the odd blog where the writer appears out of their realm and Hell, some people write from both sides of their mouth and appear to be in a place that their words do not have to match their actions. AND THERE ARE NO ASSUMPTIONS TO THAT STATEMENT. I am sure there are people who havn't a clue what some of my entries are about, and I really don't feel obligated to justify my entries. Nor will I expect that those whom do not care or do not understand my writings should be returning. But hey, whatever threads your needle.