Friday, December 05, 2008

Can you hear what I hear?

After being known for my mild manners by most of the people in my life, lately I have had the tendency to fly of the handle, not something I am particularly proud of, but obviously needed once in a while. I was raised and brought pretty much always seeing the good in people, no matter what they do or have done, and I pretty much can live with that. We all have our stories to make us who we are, and sometimes life experiences turn us into individuals that we might not particularly like, but it is some sort of self preservation. I have notice lately that I have no time for "stupid" people, at the same instance though I feel guilty about feeling like that, because usually that is just not my way. Maybe I still haven't learnt to set proper boundaries with people and that's why I feel like that, but I am getting to the point, when enough is enough and I feel like turning into such a bitch, but yet I still haven't done that yet either....So what gives?

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