Thursday, November 06, 2008

Zumba Part 1

Well I made it through the first Zumba class and still I am thinking "wtf was I thinking" and I would love to choke someone, but hey I don't want to do the Tots programs all by myself. Before I go into the whining part about the class I want to say that I am extremely proud that I and we all lasted the whole hour without any longwinded breaks. It was a very intense workout and sweat was just pouring from everywhere, even the sweaty smelly hockey guys would have seen this as a challenge to compete at. It was fun, it was loud, it was energetic, all the things that I am not, so definitely something out of my total comfort zone. But with a few good laughs and lots of giggling I made it through it. The first half hour went by pretty slow, and I was already sweating after the warmup, and at that point I was convinced that I would not be able to last another 3o minutes. The movements might have slowed down drasticly in intensity, but I made it through til the end. So now it's just a matter of remembering for the next class what I learnt. That should be fun.....well here is how the pros do it, but my body,well at least some of my parts don't move like that, which is a good thing I think.

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Anonymous said...

sounded like you had fun.Hurray for you!