Sunday, November 09, 2008


I grew up with the constant reminder of " treat others the way you want to be treated", I think I live pretty well by that philosophy, but I realized fast too that just because I treat people for example nice, doesn't mean they are nice to me, and I have gotten often the shitty end of the stick. But that's only natural, I think to a degree everybody has expectations of others and if they don't act they way we would, we have our feelings hurt, but then who says they have to act according to "our" rules? Everybody has there own rules and philosophies to live by, so my rules are nothing to anybody else and I definitely can't expect anybody to live by them, most of the time people don't even know my rules, and even if they did, that doesn't mean they have to live by them. I don't believe there is anybody out there who hasn't done anything with strings attached either, in one way or another, might not be something huge, just little incidents. I know I have. Most of the times the others weren't even aware that there were strings attached, it's not something one would announce, but silently one always had this little glimmer of hope that they might just act or do what you needed them to do. Well sometimes even I wasn't aware that there were little tiny strings attached., and most of the time there weren't.
Well yesterday I got a big dose of reality, when in a conversation several things were thrown at me, that made me step back and take a good look at you sure have lots of strings attached to me and it is now very clear that you had to put out a lot of things to buy my friendship. How sad. I never asked for anything, I am definitely not a taker, but I guess when you have these strings attached to me, if I don't act the way you expected me to act, then you have plenty of ammunition to fire back at me. And that you did. WOW! If your intention was to make me feel guilty and come to my sense of what a "wonderful friend you are" and how much you do for me, well I am sorry but you will be disappointed again. What I will do so, just to be a bitch, and yes I do have that in me, not very often, but on very very rare occasions, I will mail you $10.00 to go have some lunch that you can afford. But this will just be about as nasty as I will get. I got No Strings Attached to me.

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