Sunday, November 16, 2008

It's coming......

This morning I went to work to help my PIC set up the Christmas tree in the lobby and to bring the festive glow of the season into the building, while we were all nice warm on the inside, there were snowflakes falling from heaven on the outside, so it set the perfect mood for that not so pleasant job. We did have fun untangling the lights that we so lazily just had tossed into the bosses Christmas box, we had to watch not to get any of the incoming hockey guys tangled up in the lights, somehow some of them just didn't see worth a shit, not even the huge Christmas tree.
After all our hard work we had a nice chat about life and all our life dilemmas.
In the early afternoon I called my mother to find out if and when she was coming over, and yes she is coming over and boy is she staying long. lol. Who would have thought that? lol We chatted for about an hour and a half and laughed an awful lot, especially about some things we used to do to my dad and past Christmases and the fun we always had. At one point we laughed so hard I couldn't even speak anymore and was just crying. We were talking about how my dad would always sit on the couch in his housecoat all Saturday morning, his feet on the table and either reading the papers for hours or just watch TV. A few years back my mom came alone to Canada for a visit just before Christmas, so she would look for Christmas presents here to take back home. That particular year she wanted to get my dad a new housecoat, I remember we were at Sears and they had beautiful house coats, some were a little bit odd in colour but still beautiful, so she picked out one that was brown with burnt orange trim, pretty much just like our couch at home, so I asked her why that colour, and she replied well he would blend in with the couch better and you wouldn't notice that he was sitting there all day and do nothing. I remember how much we laughed at Sears to the point that people started looking at us and every time we bring this up we just laugh about the same.( I guess you had to be there to see how funny it was). I know one thing we are really good at in our family is poking fun at each other and ourselves. If you can't laugh at yourself than who can you laugh at?
Well even though it will be long visit, could be fun.( and I am saying this in the same tone as Robin Williams is as he is talking about his Love experience with a gorilla.).lol

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