Sunday, October 12, 2008

My very own Thanksgiving Tradition

For the last few years I made it a priority to visit the Donkey Sanctuary on Thanksgiving Sunday, their last official visiting day of the year. The weather so far has been nothing short of spectacular and the drive through the countryside is a wonder of colour, absolutely dreamy. I take the most inconvenient side roads, just because it is so breathtaking and I love the drive to there. No wonder fall is the favourite season of so many. So this morning I got up quite early, doing my daily morning routine, had a shower, got the turkey ready as far as I could get it ready, gave instruction on when to put the bird in the oven and said I will be back by 2pm. Dinner was planned for about 4 pm and the guests arrival was so good as anybody's guess. I made my way to the Sanctuary through St. George, which put me a little bit in tears because of memories long gone and never to be had again, I drove the roller coaster ride of Cheese factory road into Cambridge and took my all time favourite street, Avenue Rd., to the outside of Cambridge through the countryside of Concession Roads and Sideroads. I met a whole bunch of chipmunks along the way, at one point I had to stop because there were just too many of them crossing the gravel road at the same time ( could have reminded me of the night of frog crossings in Germany). I arrived at the Sanctuary and the parking lot was filled, it is nice to see that so many people are starting to visit this well hidden haven. I met a few new donkey friends and caught with some old ones, like my favourites Hershey and Gordon. I had a nice chat with one of the keepers there and learnt a few new things. As I was standing in the barn, brushing Gordon, I must have been in somebody's way as I was not so gently notched on my side to get out of the way. I watched Gordon get in trouble for letting other donkeys out of their stall and I prevented him from getting into the stall of one other donkey to get to his special food. He is quite clever and it was so easy for him to undo the stall door latch. Funny as hell. I have heard plenty of his antics before but never seen him in action. It was a nice, warm and relaxing day among these beautiful, entertaining creatures, and it is always worth the travels.
I was back home just before 2 pm and the house was filled with the scent of the roasting turkey. I just changed my clothes as the dinner guests arrived. We decided short notice yesterday to invite the grandparents for dinner. I got the rest of the dinner on it's way and dinner was served by 4:15 pm.
All in all it was a good day, went by fast and now I can't wait for tomorrow, not sure yet why, but I definitely don't plan on sitting on my ass all day. Depending on the weather, plans might just come up.

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