Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Finding balance

Well I am either one way or the other, I am either below the line or above the line, it would be nice to find the balance of being, taking above and below as what it is and just pendling slowing back to the line. Neither below or above.
Sometimes it is hard to do mainly because of lack of the calming kind inner voice towards ourselves. I know mine is drowned out by other voices at times and I do have to admit I don't have much to draw from on kindness towards myself either, so that makes it especially hard to find a kind inner voice. But oh well, that's life and one learns to adapt and live with it and does the best one can. A lot has to do with being in touch with ones feelings and even though I know I am a lot more in touch with them than I have ever been, I still am avoiding some of them instead of just letting them flow and fade, but this too takes practise and time and is an ongoing process of work on oneself.

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