Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Talk about....

.....anxiety and it wasn't even me who had to go....but holy **** it is an instant reaction to past memories that make my blood pressure rise a few points, makes my heart race like crazy and my palms sweaty....I am definitely not good at coping with this and keeping my anxiety in check. This morning my daughter had an appointment at the BGH to have some minor surgery done, no big deal really, just a precaution, and she wasn't nervous one bit, and if she was you would have never known it. Seeing one of the stitching sisters there at the reception was nice and she was still glowing and going on about the toilet paper and the shower with happiness all over her face. After a short wait it was time to go in and meet the doc, he was very nice and according to me a Hottie, but according to the Princess he is just an older/ oh- mom---- pleaaaaaaaase guy. lol.....Well I couldn't watch as he was cutting and stitching, and waited behind a curtain till he was finally finished about 20 minutes later.
Princess was very brave and didn't whine once, we stopped at Tim Hortons, where again the stitching sister was already taking another break lol.....still beaming though..... I don't think that smile ever leaves her face....absolutely wonderful.
After the hospital trip I went to a store I have never been in and visited another stitching sister to settle some debt with here. She seemed very stressed and busy, but is her usual peppy self and we shared a few laughs and information. It is always nice to see her. Well maybe the afternoon will be spend with another stitching sister suffering from OOTD. Can't let her suffer alone, can I?

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