Wednesday, August 13, 2008

No Faith!

For the last weeks I have had my two little side kicks right with me for the daily morning routine, they know the routine and they are part of it. First as I enter the basement I have to scratch their tiny little heads and get their little motors going, they fall over for a belly scratch and once they had enough of the petting and cuddling they wonder off to do what cats do best...sleep more. They sleep right beside the equipment on their little climbing tree. Even though they pretend to be sleeping, they keep a keen eye on me and every move I make, I could accidently do something different and get of walk into the laundry room and feed them and they couldn't miss that. Well little Charcoal was sitting on his usual spot on top of the tree, hanging over the edge and watching. Well he must have notice that it went on longer than any normal time, and it did, I don't know what thoughts were going thru his little peabrain, but he got of the tree and started walking slow circles around me and the machine, first one, then two, then again and again and again...he was circling like a vulture over a half dead body, just waiting for it's last breath to escape its' body...was he waiting for me to kill over, fall off and he would just then have the feast of his life time? Well it sure felt and looked like it. lol. Sorry to disappoint you, but I made it thru, barely but alive and where is the freaking HOTTUB??????? My bones ache like crazy...

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