Thursday, June 26, 2008

Ancient wisdom

I remember the trend of owning a POESIE album at the age of around 11 to 15, it was a little book with blank pages, that you passed to friends, teachers, relatives, and acquaintances, to anybody who you thought would like to put some thoughts, wisdom, poems, or quotes pertaining to advice for life down on paper. Most of my friends dotted down little love and friendship poems, while teachers usually quoted some advice for life as a grown up or experiences that influenced their life. It was a nice collection of different thoughts, one I dig out every single time I am back home, for one reason or another I never brought it/ them ( because I had two) back with me. Well as I am trying hard to stay in the NOW at this time, and be present in every situation that arises, one of the little poems comes to mind, it was written by one of the most important men in my life, someone I always had a crush on and loved more than anybody else in my family and who I thought I will marry when I grow up, you know the way little girls fantasize about the man of their well this man was my uncle and his wisdom is/was ( sorry for calling it ancient wisdom) so true, the poem goes as followed ( freely translated):" If you don't have what you love, you have to love what you have...for example your uncle Wolle".... I smile every time I think about it, because from the way I knew him it was more created out of a conceited way on his part and trying to be inconspicuous and funny...but it somehow has a power to it, I guess.

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