Sunday, April 13, 2008

Land of a 1000 Dances

Well love dance or hate it, it doesn't matter if it's something your daughter really wants to do. Yesterday was the first of four competitions for the Dance Studio my daughter dances for. I was not looking forward to the trara of the competition life, I was looking forward to watching my daughter dance. Their song was fun, the costumes were cute, they looked like they had fun and that's all that matters. It wasn't their best performance, but I know it will get better as the competitions go on. It was funny to watch, nobody would have noticed the little mistake, if they all would have kept up, but the first girl that had to go at one point, went too early,three out of four followed her lead, so it ended up looking like the fifth girl was running late and she made the mistake. It's nice to know that nobody blames anybody and that they all know that they are just one step away from doing a wrong move. After all it 's not about winning but about the experience and the fun one has.

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