Thursday, March 27, 2008

Day off

Today was my day off and I fully intended to enjoy every single minute of it. I want to make the good times count and make time stand still even for a few hours to fully take in the goodness of the day. I met up with a friend at around 11 and we spend a quiet afternoon together, talking, laughing, giggling and just having fun, enjoying each others friendship and company. It's funny sometimes you can just have fun by not doing anything at all. And those are in my eyes your real friends, when you can just hang out and even when there is silence, it isn't an uncomfortable silence. I am lucky I have a few friends I can feel like this around. We had a late lunch or shall we call it Luncher (lunch&dinner enrolled in one). We went to the Egg and I in Ancaster, and I must say, I heard about their food and how good it was, and I definitely enjoyed my Greek omelet. Hmmmmmm, perfect ending to a perfect day. After that is was back home and off to work for a couple of hours, and even that couldn't ruin a perfect day.

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