Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Stay Friends-Search Engine

The other day I came across this webpage called "Stay friends" purely by accident, it's a search engine for all of Germany for all and any type of schools, you can search by Graduation year, school name, person names and find old schoolmates. So curiousity got the best of me and I just checked my graduation year to see if any of my former class mates and friends were registered on this site, I found a few. I took it a step further and checked for some of my friends from my time in Mittenwald, well as far as I remember where they originally came from. I found my room mate Simone the other day and emailed her per "Stay friends" and to my surprise I got an email back from her and we have exchanged email addresses and will take it from there. We used to stay in contact for a few years when I first moved to Canada. But then life and the business of it kind of let it die down and we haven't really had any contact at all. Once in a while when I go through my box of photos I come across a picture of her and her Husband and her daughter that she send me many years ago, by now her daughter must be a teenager too. So it will be nice to catch up with her and see how life has been treating her and how her family is doing etc.
Simone and I rented an apartment together in Mittenwald, it was tiny but expensive, since it was in a major tourist town. We were going through the same apprentiship program, only she was one year ahead of me. We always had lots of fun and did a lot of things together, including a trip to Paris on my last few days before leaving for Canada. It was her, her then boyfriend and another male collegue from the kitchen. Oh if my mother only knew that I shared a hotelroom with him, she would have died....well at least he was gay so there was nothing to worry about to begin with lol.... We' ve always been really good friends and had a lot of fun times together. It will be interesting to find out who she still has contact with. This should be fun...

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