Thursday, November 29, 2007

Thursday Tidbits

Ever wonder how well people really think they know you? Some claim to know you, maybe they do to a degree, but do you ever really know what goes on in someone else's life? Behind closed doors? With their family? With their health? People really only know about you what you are willing to let them know, whether they are your friends, your family, acquaintances or just people in passing. Nobody knows you really. And how many times do we lie to people too? On the question "How are you?" do you really tell them how you are? Do you think the cashier at Walmart cares? What would happen if you pour out your day's lament to them? Do you really care about hearing the real answer to the question?
Do you know what pisses someone off? What makes them cry? What makes their heart ache? Unless I am telling you, you know nothing really. And some things are just yours alone to hold dear to your heart and in your head.
Well another challenge on the rise, doing something that I absolutely hate doing, but I offered my services to do it and I will get through it. Might not be pretty, but who really cares, nobody will see it, so it doesn't really matter. Just gotta move forward and grow and evolve.
Had a good day today, until I came home from my outings and found a letter from my aunt, she mailed me an article out of a paper, it was nice to read, but made me sad at the same time and it was once again a reality check to the fact that some things did happen, even if you can't believe them or have a hard time accepting them. But the first sentence of the article, pretty much summed it up, a little bit cold hearted, but nevertheless a fact.
But all in all it was a very nice commemorating article, that can only leave me feeling proud of who my dad was and the things he accomplished in his lifetime.

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