Monday, November 26, 2007


Thank God I Found It. Since my dad's passing I have been looking high and low for my all time favourite picture of him, which kind of sums up my dad perfectly. I knew it was somewhere in a photobox in the basement, but I couldn't find the whole box anywhere...well since I had to kitty proof the basement the other day, I had to move a few things around and came across a little cardboard box, which contained a lot of pictures. I honestly couldn't remember that the pictures were in that kind of a box, but as soon as I opened it and moved the first few loose pictures...there it was...The picture was taken on my parents first visit to Canada. We were in Niagara Falls, just visiting the Falls, when my dad just about had enough of the heat and humitity, the walking, the volume of visitors and he just wanted to take it easy. Oh I forgot, he also wanted to wait for the sun to move just a little bit more over this or that way, knowing that it would cast the perfect rainbow just above the Falls. So he found himself a shady spot on the lawn, took off his shoes, lit a cigar and just relaxed and waited.
It is priceless and one of my favourite visual memories.

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