Saturday, November 10, 2007

Something different...

Well throw me of my routine lol... and you know how much I love change in plans on short notice. This is something that might not be a big deal to some but to me throwing my routine and plans in turmoil out of the blue usually sends me for a little loop, but I have been working on it and it's getting easier to just go with the flow and take what comes my way, especially if I know it's gonna be fun right from the start, like it was in this case. Well before we made our annual trip to the Gingerbread House we made a little detour to Burford to the annual Craft show there, which was nice and we got a few little things. I met more people I know there than I usually do anywhere else. After spending some time there, we spotted a sign to a private Craft sale down the road and thought we should stop by and just take a look. What a mistake... this lady had the most nicest rustic looking items, made by herself and at a very reasonable price, almost to reasonable to not spend a ton of money there. I bought a few things from her and had to leave a few really nice once behind. Darn! By then I already spend more than I wanted to begin with and we weren't even at our final destination. So off we went to the Gingerbread House, it was like always very busy and it took us a while to find a parking spot. There were a few nice things there that I wanted to get, but budget wise it was just not in the cards and the big item that I wanted to purchase got snatched right from under my nose, so it wasn't meant to be and it saved me some money. I bought myself some pair of earrings and I acquired one Christmas present for a friend.
It was getting well into the mid afternoon when we finally left. It was a long day filled with lots of fun and joy. That's how I like to spend my days.

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