Thursday, October 04, 2007

Taking things personally

When we take something personally we assume that person's behavior is a reflection of how they feel towards us (vs. a reflection on them and their environment), we magnify their hostility towards us by remembering similar ways we've been hurt in the past and activate our self-righteousness by believing we would never do this to them, e.g., treat them unfairly, reject them, under-appreciate them, etc...when the fact is, that that is exactly what we do...some do it consciously and some do it unconsciously. (Doing something consciously it's like you know better but you want to play the game, doing it unconsciously, I feel sorry for you, because you really don't have a clue about what's the real issue and you are just oblivious to your surroundings and live in your own little world.)

Sometimes, a person is acting a little rejective towards you in an effort to communicate something important. Something you don't want to hear, don't feel you need to hear, something you don't want to admit, something you should be made aware of or just to simply state another opinion or point of view... and we are all entitles to those, that's what makes us individuals.

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