Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Jumping the gun

Why are we as human beings, who suppose to be so intelligent and superior to all other creatures, so fast to put judgements on others before we know all the facts? A crime is reported on the news, well it has to be a black person; a truck is involved in an accident, well it has to be the truck drivers fault; there is trouble brewing on disputed land, well it has to be the natives fault; I could go on and on about stupid uneducated innuendos we make on a daily basis without knowing anything about details and facts, and why is it so easy for us human to just group people together... one truck driver causes an accident... all truckers are bad drivers... why is that? I mean I had my share of experience with some truck drivers on highways, that passed me while I am already going over the speed limit, well that's not right, but in the end it all comes down to time and money, lost human life is worth nothing, really, and that is not anybody's fault but society's in general.
In every walk of life you come across good and bad, so in every profession, in every race, in every religion, everywhere in life basically, so why clump people all together? You couldn't judge me about what the Nazis did just because I am German, or could you and would you? Treat every incident as individual as it is and every person as the individual they are. There is good and bad in each of us.

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