Thursday, August 23, 2007

A rare visit

Today was a day of quite some anxiety for me. I was expecting a visit from my cousin's youngest son, who I only met briefly and the very first time last July in Germany. He just turned 17 and was in Toronto for a four week stay to go to language school there. He lived with a family in Toronto, who was mainly just responsible to feed him and supply him with a bed. He went to class in the mornings and the rest of the time was his to spend anyway he wanted. On the weekends he opted for different trips that were offered to the students and he had quite the program and he definitely has seen a lot and been to a lot of places, even places I have never been too.
He arrived here by train at 1:10pm. He was tall,over 6'2, and a very handsome and cute young man. It was awkward at first because we really didn't know each other, I didn't know what he was like and he didn't know anything about me really. So I am sure he must have had just as much anxiety about this as me. Well I gave him the option on picking what he wanted to do, but like every 17 year old his answer was don't know', so then I just took charge and said the hell with it, I told him there were only a few sights in Brantford worth visiting so he was ok with going to those. We visited the Bell Homestead and then drove to Mohawk Chapel to visit the church, the cemetery and the outlook. I don't know, but I love going to Mohawk Chapel, I love listening to the older native ladies telling the stories of the windows, they just have such a way to telling stories, that amazes me each time.
After that we spend a few hours at my house and we just talked and talked and laughed and laughed, we had so much fun. He met the boys just in passing, one was going to work, the other one was coming home heading for a shower. He told me all about his travels here, about his school, his interests and all kinds of things. It was really nice. Late afternoon he was finally hungry enough for some food. I took him where I take every visitor I get to none other than MOOSE WINOOSKI, and it is always a big hit, the food is great, the atmosphere is great and there is plenty to feast your eyes on. He definitely got a kick out of it and enjoyed his meal very much. After dinner, we took another sightseeing tour through the city, I showed him some monuments, the schools the kids go and went to, where we used to live and what ever else was somewhat of an interest. We spend another half hour at my house, while he took pictures of the car, the house, the back yard etc. At shortly after 8 pm, it was time to take him back to the train station, on the way there,we crossed path with the last member of my family he hadn't met before, so they just waved to each other. The train was 15 minutes late and we just stood there and talked. He hugged me good bye and said he had a really nice time and off he went back to Toronto. It really was a very nice visit and all the anxiety was like always mainly for nothing. Oh well... that's just me.

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