Saturday, July 14, 2007

Welcome to the World of Jeep Drivers

Since I have been back from Germany, I am the proud driver of a 2007 steel blue Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sahara and it has been fun so far. Now with being a Jeep Driver, I should say a real Jeep driver, (I had a Jeep Liberty before, but that kind of almost doesn't count), one feels compelled to follow the Jeep Driver Etiquette, foremost the Jeep Wave, which I think is kind of funny and my daughter gets a kick out of the waves from complete strangers and thinks it's hilarious.

Here are the simple rules for waving taken from

These rules are an attempt to make it easier to facilitate the mandatory wave when coming in contact with another vehicle of the Jeep nature. Though there are several variations of the waving rules, the following were designed as an easy to remember guideline for when to wave and who should wave first.
Rule 1:
If you are a driver or passenger in a Jeep vehicle, and you come in contact with another occupied Jeep vehicle you should wave. If the vehicle is not occupied, the wave is optional.
Rule 2:
Be the first to wave. Don't wait, just wave.
Rule 3:
Be forgiving. Sometimes the occupants of the Jeep receiving the wave are not paying attention, distracted, or are paying attention to driving. We all know how you can get lost in the euphoria of driving a Jeep and forget about the outside world.
Rule 4:
Wave vigorously. When cruising at 55mph towards a vehicle going 55mph it is sometimes difficult to see the 'over the steering wheel' wave. Get that hand out and make it seen!
Rule 5:
When you are the recipient of a wave, return the wave.
Rule 6:
Sometimes Jeep owners forget they are not in their Jeep and wave by habit. When occupants of non-Jeep vehicles wave, returning the wave is optional, but usually a good idea.

Now apparently there is a whole order to the wave too, who is suppose to wave at who first, and so on. But that is partially to technical for me, that means I would have to tell the different from one Jeep to another. Now that is a little bit too much for a blond, but at least I can wave and drive at the same time, that should count for something, or?

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