Monday, July 30, 2007

Action and consequences

Sometimes people don't think of the consequences their actions cause to other peoples' life, and please no comments about well people should be able to do the things they wanna do because it makes them happy and not consider other people feelings or how those actions will effect them. That might be true for some minor actions, but the big actions sometimes nobody has the right to do so without even wasting a thought of the consequences. And please not a word about people treat you the way you let them treat you. That's why a victim is a victim and not someone who just let people treat them badly.
My point to this all is that I am watching a friend's life spin totally out of control through an action of one person and there is nothing that friend can do but fight for their survival with all they have and still falling short in every possible way.
Some people learn through their rough spots to be more compassionate and yet others turn bitter as hell about things. I always have been a compassionate person and even now I think of what the other person must have gone through to do the things they did, but still right now I am a little bit more concerned about my friend and this is even beyond my capability of helping someone, but yet I try in every little way I can.
I am sure we all have done things that effect other people, it's how you handle and deal with the consequences that's the art of living.

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Anonymous said...

very well said...I give you a standing ovation...a small ripple in the waters of life always include others....but what do I like some people only think of their wants and needs, and not what might happen within the ripples...again...very well said!!!