Sunday, June 10, 2007

The first guests

Today the first guests from far out of town started to arrive. First one to arrive was my dad's cousin, one person I only met once when I was 3 years old, so I don't really know her at all. Second was my Uncle Peter (my mom's half brother) and Aunt Ute, even though I never met this Uncle until my tenth birthday and we don't have a close relationship like I do have with my other Uncle, I liked them right away and it is always nice to see them, maybe too, because he looks just like my grandmother, more than my other uncle or my mom. Later in the afternoon, my dad's cousin, his wife and his son came. These three are the ones I see most of my family, right after my parents, they have been to Canada plenty of times before, especially his son. With him I must say I am the closest, but it will be hard to see him, because he looks so much like my dad, with his full beard and his physique. Last one to arrive was another cousin, who I think I met once before when I was maybe 5 or six, so don't really remember her much. The rest of the relatives are coming tomorrow late morning and then who knows who else is attending from the schools, the bavarian goverment, the ministry, friends and neighbours.

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