Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Last night I was going through a storage box in search of a baby picture of my daughter for the slide show for graduation, among all the pictures, letters and some magazines I came across a 1993 yearbook from my dad's second last school. He gave it mainly to me as a memory of his friend and colleague and vice principle who had passed away suddenly at the age 58. He was a very close friend of my dad for pretty much his whole school career, he and his family spend lots of time at our place and we at theirs. They were way more than just colleagues and I remember how it affected my dad when he heard of his sudden passing. There was a write up about his person in the yearbook, how much he was loved, appreciated, and how great of a teacher and colleague he was and how great of a loss it was not just for the family, but his friends, colleagues, students and the whole community. It was a very well written and loving summary about this person. One thing my dad was always good at was telling this colleagues and students about their good qualities and if he had to speak about their "bad" sides, he did it in a way, that was caring and loving and never was seen as criticism or associated with negativity. One would always know how he felt about certain people and he was never afraid to let them know either. Funny how that was so apparent to us, but as children we didn't get to experience it as that.
Well this article about that person was just absolutely amazingly written, lovingly, caringly and with great sadness. There was no misunderstanding or misinterpretation about how he felt about him. It's nice to read those kind of loving words about someone else, and knowing my dad his colleague was well aware of it. Even my mom said the other day that there is nothing that was left unsaid between her and my dad at the time he passed away. ( Unlike me who has tons of unanswered questions now).
Makes me wonder at times why people don't say more often nice things about each to each other, instead of always tearing each other apart at any given opportunity.

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