Saturday, April 14, 2007

Animal Planet

For as long as I can remember I loved watching any kind of animal shows on TV, whether is was about animals in Africa, Australia or anywhere else on this planet. The other day I watched a really interesting show about the Super Beaver and how great his help is in his homeland and how destructive his existence is in another part of the world, where he was transplanted to to create a new trade opportunity, fur. Due to the different climate the beavers developed a different fur coat useless for fur trade.And due to lack of natural enemies(they started out with 50 pairs of beavers in the mid 1940's and are now at over 100000)the beaver took over the whole area and is destroying it recklessly and the consequences of again human meddling with nature will be devastating in years to come. Wonder if we really are as smart as we think we are, duh I guess there was a reason for not having beavers in that part of the world, but no, we think we can outsmart nature and take control over it, this show proved once again that Mother Nature is not to be messed with.

Canadian National Geographic:Super Beaver
Ecosystems altered — nature's pre-eminent engineer at work. The beaver has been called nature's great engineer and its great plague. Either way, the rodent's ability to transform the landscape and to drive an entire ecosystem is practically unsurpassed. Only coral and humans have had a greater impact on the environment.

In Alberta's Elk Island National Park, beavers have created wetlands to the benefit of other species. But on Tierra del Fuego, at the southern tip of South America, transplanted Canadian beavers thrive alongside penguins; free from predators, the beavers are systematically destroying the island's forests and valleys.

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I don'thave any beaver pelts but I can get you enough squirrels to make a coat.