Saturday, March 31, 2007

Coming back down to reality and it hits hard

Well after having such an amazing time yesterday, reality has set back in and this morning started off on the wrong side. Woke up with this major hangover headache, just one problem, didn't have anything to drink, just a pounding headache. Checked my emails this morning only to find a message from my dad with some sad news. Funny here he is so very ill and not getting any better and the people around him are dying left, right and center, doesn't leave me and for sure him either with a warm fuzzy feeling inside. He informed me that yesterday our neighbour from right next door and his colleague for many many years suddenly passed away. I had known him since I was a little 3 year old kid, they already lived there when we moved in. He was such a nice man, very talented in music, singing and playing the piano. He played in an orchestra and sang in a choir and played the organ at church. He was the father of 3 nice kids and we were all friends growing up. How sad. I am sure he will be sadly missed by everybody around him and in his circle of friends and colleagues. Strange how life works, here my dad is sick and he came to offer him comfort on may occasions over the last weeks without knowing his own end was just around the corner. How very sad. It makes me realize when your time is up your time is up, there is no fighting it and one just has to surrender.
My thoughts and prayers go out to him and his family.
Well not a good day, and it's only 9 am.

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