Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Real Presents

My PIC and I have this deal that we give each other something little for the Christmas gift exchange at work and then we exchange real presents at a later point. Even though our small presents to each other are always very nice and good, we started this little tradition. My little gift from her was the cutest little moose candy basket filled with chocolates. It is too cute...and it found a spot on the moose sidetable in my moose room, only one problem, it's already Later that night I visited her at work and we exchanged our real presents... she is so bad and thoughtful at the same time. This gift brought back a lot of memories of a past rental we supervised together and the things we had to do to work by the books, like confiscating Jello Shooters, that were then left behind by the wedding party for us to enjoy at a later point and definately not at work. So we have been talking about this quite often, since even we need a drink once in a while.... so my present from her was a gift bag, filled with a bottle of Vodka, some jello powder, shooter cups and most important instructions. Lol, very funny PIC. Thank you so much.... in emergency drink in liquid and warm form. lol... boy did I have an emergency. You are too much. Thank you.
Of course me and my holier self gave a very different gift. I got her a beautiful gold sprayed wicker angel with white lights. When I first saw it she came right to my mind and I just had to get it for her. Looked too like she liked it.
Well we are not for nothing a great team... whether at work or in private and I am glad and honoured to have her in my professional and private life.

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