Saturday, December 16, 2006

Party time

Hhmmmm people who know me, know that I am not a party girl, and I am definately a cheap drunk. So tonight I did something I don't ever really do, I went to a Christmas Party. To make matters worse for me, it was a party where I absolutely didn't know anybody really except the hostess husband. It was very nerve wrecking to walk into a place, I have never been in, among a housefull of strangers, and there were tons of them, there must have been at least 40 people there all ready when I got there, I saw a few familiar faces, but not familiar enough to just go up to them and start talking. I made my way to the kitchen where all the main action seemed to take place. And then there he was.... thank least someone I knew very well. I couldn't get over how happy he was to see me, it was nice. We have known each other for almost 6 years and we hit it off right away and have become good friends over the years. But still trying to keep it on a professional level at the same time. He had been inviting me for years to their annual Christmas Bash and I just never showed up because of the above mentioned reasons, but this year he was just hounding me in a nice way to come to it and when he showed up Tuesday night late at work towards the end of my shift to remind me of the Party on Saturday, I thought well obviously it means something to him for me to show up, so I decided to be brave enough to do so. His wife, who I met briefly a few years back, recognized me right away and greated me with a smile and some kind words. She made me a drink and we stood there at the island in his kitchen and talked. I met his two oldest children again, who I have met before during work hours and we exchanged a few words. Then this cute very familiar face walks in and she is just laughing saying I can't believe I am at a party with you.... wait till I tell my mom... It was funny, because we definately don't hang out in the same circle of people. But at this party it was a nice mixture of people from everywhere, her work, his work, family, friends from Sports, friends from the neighbourhood, basicly everybody they knew was there and it was obvious that they welcomed everybody with the same kind and open heart, which was really nice to observe. There was good music, lots of food, laughter, and of course drinks without end. But my end doesn't take long to I had a few drinks and after a couple of hours I decided it was time for me to go home. After all I wanted to still be able to drive and get home safe, so it was the best thing for me to do. And yes I did have a good time, even though I felt totally lost, but that's ok with me.
Thanks for the Invitation!

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