Wednesday, August 23, 2006


I am not a very patient person when it comes to hard decisions that need to be made, that alter someone's life, to wait for important news and most of all I hate the unknown, and the helplessness that comes with it. The fact that things are out of one's control and things are ruled by circumstances and facts over which one has no say over, not even to disagree or have a different opinion. Well right there are things going on that I have no control over, I can't change the outcome, I can only hope for the best. But whatever I wish or hope it's not gonna change the outcome, the facts will be the facts, no matter how hard to hear it will be to hear them. I know it's senseless to worry about things like that I can't change, but til I know what I am dealing with I will worry. And even then when the facts are clear, I will still worry. But I want the answers now,not a few days from now or weeks from now. I want to start dealing with whatever it will be. I hate waiting and not knowing. I just hate it.

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