Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Shopping trip

Today my brother took a day off from work, first of all to be home with his son, because his wife was going away for the day, she went to Munich to see Robbie Williams in Concert. So we decided to make this a little shopping trip, we packed the two kids and grandma and drove to Regensburg, into a shopping mall. It was very nice and we saw a lot of nice things, Pookie bought a few things for herself and we bought some small gifts to bring home for the family. The kids held up well and we spend over 4 hours walking from store to store. We got back home and decided to spring for Pizza for the family. Which was appreciated by everybody. Well the springing for it didn't quite work out as planned, as dad decided to take over again. Good in one way I guess, but I wanted to do something nice too for all the time we spent there.
At 9 pm my brother and nephew went back home to their place and we played a few rounds of Skip-Bo and went to bed late again.

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