Thursday, August 17, 2006

Just my luck

Well this morning I decided to take a trip to a not so distant craft store to purchase some DMC floss for a crosstitch pattern I just received from a dear friend. I only needed to get about 8 missing colours, well as I get to the store, the parking lot is just filled and I had to park all the way in the field. It turns out that they had their annual tent sale going on, where one can acquire quite a few useful things at a decent price... but all I really needed was these 8 colours. Oh well, I made my way through the crowd in the tent and found a few little items my daughter might like and use. I also found a crosstitch kit that was marked down a lot, so I got that too. Of course once I got inside the real part of the store all self control went out the window real fast and I did spend a lot more than just the $0.49 per floss. I bought another crosstitch kit, which is real colourful and looks like a lot of fun to do.( no J.,I won't tell you what it is, you just have to wait til it's done and in it's full glory).I also bought some sky dyed material for another crosstitch I plan on starting soon and of course I got the few knick knacks here and there. I finally got in the milelong line up at the cash registers and waited. Well this little trip that should have just costed around $4.50, ended up costing me way over a $ 100.00. Thank god for credit cards lol. What's another $100 more added to the already huge debt.

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Jayne said...

oh my I am happy that they had the sky died fabric for your peice. Can't wait to see it in the works. Bet you had fun today there. Wish I was there too.... Whats a few more in the red bag eh