Sunday, August 27, 2006


As my friends and family know me, I am not really a talker, I am more the silent observer, but I have things I do want to get of my chest and thoughts that go on in my mind, that I want to be out, but I would not really ever volunteer any information freely. That's just not me, so for me to write on here is great, I can get things out I do want my close friends and family to know, and they wouldn't know otherwise about me. Because if you called me tomorrow and asked me how I was, my answer would probably be "Fine", worst case maybe "ok", but that would be it. When in reality I haven't had a day since last Tuesday that I haven't cried for hours, or that I haven't been lying awake in my bed all night, so I am extremely sleep deprived, and all I really am doing is being in my own silent little pain, and I like it that way. It is good in one way that most of the immediate family here right now is on Vacation and I am mostly by myself, but it also gives me plenty of time to think about things and actually time to clean, and you know me and cleaning. lol. Not my favourite thing to do, but at least that keeps me occupied and I still can think at the same time. It's quite here, not like normally with music blasting or the TV running. It's just silence and me.

Happy Birthday Omi!

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