Saturday, July 08, 2006

They are done

WOW! I made it. Both of my crosstitch pictures are done, washed, ironed, framed and all and ready to go to whomever I made them for. I am so excited about this, didn't really think I would be able to pull that one off, especially not having even had the second one started until a few days ago, so now it's done, looking very cute and ready to give to that special friend and her significant other.
The one for my mom looks amazing, it looks just like the one framed on the crosstitch kit it came in. So I am really proud of that one.
Looking for an easier one to take on my travels with, but then maybe I give crosstitching a break and get then ready to start the awesome pattern I got a while ago. I love the picture, flowers and hummingbirds and I am not a flowery kind of person, but this one just fascinated me, but it's huge, probably one of the bigger ones I ever made.So will see how that goes, maybe it will be just a little bit too overwhelming. But hey gotta try some more challenging things.

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