Thursday, July 27, 2006

Company is coming

Still sick in bed, but I guess I have to get up a little bit today and pretend I am alright, company is coming. My dad's cousin and his wife are visiting for my mom's birthday tomorrow and to see me. I see them more often than any other part of the family because they are well travelled and even came to Canada and every time I am back in Germany they come for a visit to see me, no matter how far it is and it is at least a six hours drive and almost no Autobahn to use.
They arrived midafternoon and I was up and holding up quite nicely, well until we went for dinner. It was so hot in the restaurant, that I thought I am gonna pass out.Holy moly. Had a nice dinner and even I ate a little bit, but felt horrible afterwards and the visit there was cut short because I was just not well. This really sucks.
Everybody went back to my parents place and we spent some nice time chatting out on the deck.
Even at night time it barely cools off, still 25 Celsius at 10 pm.

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