Friday, June 02, 2006

The lost Moose

After work today I took a trip out to the country to visit one of my dear friends and to see if I could find something suitable in her showroom for my mother's birthday. First we took a long walk through her garden, admiring the beautiful flowerbeds, the lawn and all the hard work she has put into this place. In between walking we were playing with her not so little german shepard puppy. But talk about hyper, holy cow, but she makes up for that with her cuteness, that's for sure. We took a break having a nice cup of tea and then went to go through the things she has on her display. I found a few nice things, that might be good enough for my mother. My friend went through all kinds of boxes to show me things and she got to one box and didn't know what was in it, didn't say anything on the outside, so she pulled it out, and what was it? Of course it had to be a nice Moose statue.Just what I was always looking for. Great I thought, just what I need for my front room. And voila, I got it, of course. LOL. So after having the trunk full of stuff and no more money to spend I went on my merry way back home. Maybe now I will be motivated enough to finish the front room, since I have also almost framed all my crosstitch pictures that go into that room. Yeah right.... but at least the thought is here, and isn't it the thought that counts? Wonder if that goes for these kind of situations too?

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