Monday, April 24, 2006


Just watching it drip.... it will be better in a little while...

It's kind of funny as I had this conversation about the fine lines between things and how everything is always just a thought away a few days ago with a friend. Well today was my day to be just a thought over the line into the territory of insanity. Didn't take much and it didn't take long to get me there. It's really amazing to me how fast that goes and how hard I tried not to go there and just to loose out in the end anyway. I am not going to beat myself up over it,it happened earlier today and it's now over and done with and maybe the next time I will be a little bit stronger to stay on the safe side. Until then, there is a very fine line between sanity and insanity in my life.
Being on the "wrong" side today made me do something I normally wouldn't have done before, but after all was done by myself, I let some others have it in a big way... and they responded and I responded back. Don't like my stand on things, oh well. This is me and I am not afraid to be me. Like it or not...

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