Sunday, November 27, 2005


Disappointment: The failure to realize a desired or expected outcome. Thoughts grounded in the fear of losing control.
Disappointment doesn't only show up in our lives as things that happened to us, but also in the form of what we do or not do for us.
Disappointment comes from not stating our intentions cleary at the onset of any endeavor.
Well somehow I must have missed something, I was pretty sure that my intension were very clear at the onset of decorating our family room, we talked for months about it, even went to the Home Depot together to look at options available to us, and even narrowed it down to a few possibilities. I even left room for changes and/or different ideas, it wasn't like I was deadset on what I wanted, but was flexible and open to input. Well let's just put it this way, I can't really remember a time I was more disappointed that this weekend.
Maybe I fell so hard, because I was so high on the realization that we actually were gonna do this room 'my'way. I should have known better, but he put a really good show on for my benefit and I really fell for it. I guess I can't say he disappointed me, it's more that I am disappointed that I put faith in him, gave him the benefit of the doubt. Considering his trackrecord I should have known better. I know, because I always know and still I acted like I didn't know.
Needless to say, it's not going to be done 'my'way, but the way he wants it. What else is new. I don't think I was ever so angry and upset over not getting 'my'way as I was on Friday evening. I did take all my stuff out of the room, packed it away for now, didn't speak to him for 2 days and I guess he can do it all by himself. Fuck him!
I guess he has bigger problems than I do, I guess he was too afraid of giving up control just for a minute.


Jayne said...

to bad he wasn't in the garage eh?????lol

Anonymous said...

Take the advice of the woman on the Tim Horton's commercial......just paint it pink while he is out lol