Saturday, November 05, 2005

An amazing evening

WOW, I have been to quite a few concerts in my lifetime, but this one was one of THE BEST I have ever been to. WOW. A few months ago I afforded myself tickets to see JANN ARDEN in London, and tonight was the night. I have been a fan of Jann Arden for years now and always wanted to have the opportunity to see her live. I am so glad that I took the opportunity to fulfill this dream, I didn't care who would go with me, who wouldn't go with me, I just wanted to see her. And it sure was worth it. The concert started at 8 pm, she had two opening acts, a guy from the Westcoast, who's lyrics were just too funny, and a due from Toronto, two young women that were very talented too, and I enjoyed listening to them.Then at 8:50 Jann Arden took the stage, she looked great, she wore jeans, and a nice orange tailored blazer and had long blonde hair. She sang songs from all her CDs and told stories, that were just hilarious. She imitated her mother a lot in conversations with her, and how her mother thinks her music is so downing and depressing and how she wants her to get some more peppy tunes. Well she does have some peppy tunes and after one more peppier tune she kept running from band member to band member and back to the first and proclaimed that she was lucky to have worn a good bra today. After an hour and a half of singing and talking the concert was coming to an end, the whole audience stood up and applauded her like crazy. She came back for an encore in the form of a jam session and played four of her more famous songs. After that she received another standing ovation. It was just absolutely amazing and incredible. By far THE BEST performance I have ever seen. She was just awesome.

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