Saturday, October 08, 2005

Day 5:Affirmations, Intentions, and Goals

My affirmation:
I am now accepting myself as a whole person

My intention:
I am accepting of everybody as the person they are, including me.

My goals:
*to get to know people, not be so shy around them
*not to make assumptions, wait for the facts
*learn how to be ok with myself
*to do my best and accept it as good enough

How would my life be different if I lived by my intention?
I wouldn't always assume the worst right away, I wouldn't feel so beneath everybody, since we are all the same, I guess that means I judge them and be on the defensive before they get me or find me out. Not sure why I do this.

How would my life change if my intention made me decisions for me?
I could allow people to get closer.

Describe a relationship using intention as the foundation:
It would be a loving, intimate relationship, with communication, caring for one another, accepting, understanding, supporting, getting needs met.

If I could create any intention what would it be?
To accept myself and love my self and take part in my life and enjoy it.

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