Sunday, October 23, 2005

Day 20: Momentum

My top 3 commitments are:
*my confidence
*getting the love I want (not sure yet from whom or how)
*getting healthy (physical and emotional)

My top 3 insights:
*checking if it's true or did I make this up
*don't use selfdefeating words (still working on that one)
*writing down daily accomplishments, no matter how small, to build confidence muscle

The biggest lesson I learned so far is checking if I am making it up or do I have all the facts. It has changed myself the most, because I trust more to be ok with the outcome, I need the facts first and then I can react to it, not react on a possibility.

What requests would I make from others?
*no putting down because of different opinions
*when I speak, listen.
* " private"

So now what?
* apply for another job
* move forward
* be more selfreliant

I listened to my intuition when ...
* trusted someone new
* stood up for what I needed to say

My favourite personal acknowledgements:
* stuck with reading this book
* telling myself that I'm worthy
* waking up with good intentions every morning
* calling people back instead of avoiding them
* building trust with new made friends
* building trust with old friends

3 situations forgiveness is in order:
* being so hard on myself
* trying to rely too much on others
* most people didn't intentionally hurt me, they did it out of their fears and because that's the best they knew how to do it.

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