Saturday, October 15, 2005

Day 12: Ask for what I want

Learning to identify how feelings and thoughts stop me from asking for what I want is vital to understanding why I haven't asked until now. It is scary to ask for something without guaranty of satisfactory results. But it is necessary for me to grow.
The last time I wanted something but didn't ask for it? I wanted some clarification on some statements. What stopped me from asking? The fear of not being able to handle the truth, even though the truth will set you free and it eventually did, at that moment I wasn't ready to hear it.

If I could ask for anything from anybody, what would it be and from whom? I have to say my parents, I have not been able to ask them for anything, out of certain fears, I never gave them the chance or opportunity to even be there for me. I would ask for support, forgiveness and understanding.

How would my life change if I got what I wanted?
I would feel worthy, confident, and supported like I matter too. I would be happier being able to ask for what I want, without feeling guilty and ashamed, or weak.

I have to take action today and be true to myself and speak up. I have to start asking for what I want and need. It's really going to be hard for me to do, because so many times I have been rejected when I asked for the slightest, simplest thing. So this one is definitely posing a big challenge to me. But I know that everybody needs help sooner or later in life, even me, and most of the times people are willing to help. Just some certain ones don't get that, but I can't change them I can only work on myself and give myself what I want from them and can't obtain.

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