Saturday, July 27, 2013

Finding balance - somehow not working

So over the last little while I have done nothing but work, with probably one full day off weekly. Summer programs are in full swing at the Community Centre and are going great, almost too great. Budget 2014 is finally done as of Thursday late evening and it's presented to the higher up. Well I was suppose to be working only on our budget for our Center, and it was done weeks ago, however somebody went on vacation without having their's done and it left me to pick up the pieces and finish it off, nothing worse than finishing what others have halfway started, but by Thursday evening it was finally done. DONE DONE DONE! What a relief! With the boss leaving on vacation this week, it will be another busy two weeks at the Centre, all while trying to find as much time as possible to work in the Office at the DSC. Somehow the two days there in office are just not enough anymore. Yikes! There are other issues I have been dealing with regarding my time there, nothing major, but the whole reason I got involved at the DSC, the donkeys. With the new location of the boutique, the new location of the office, it has been painfully hard to get any donkey time in at all. And it really has taken a toll on my mental stability right now lol.....well or so I think. And i have to tell myself daily whatever I do there it is still for the donkeys, however I do  miss hanging out with them on Open Days and I miss hanging out with my volunteers, which I really haven't had much time to do. So it's been a little bit hard to find the balance between it all. And to add a little bit of excitement to the mix, I have just been offered a full time position. Ha ha now what? This will require some thinking and schedule shuffling if I make at least a somewhat of an attempt to do it all. We will see what happens......can't it just be simple just for once?


D.M. SOLIS said...

What a lot you have going on. Love the images of donkeys! Peace and more good things for you in work and in life.


S. J. Qualls said...

I'm hoping you don't take more than you can handle. Stress isn't good for anyone.

Ramakant Pradhan said...

Nice to see someone with so much love for the donkeys. You do have a busy schedule.