Friday, May 03, 2013

How the Donkeys saved my ass...

...or at least a lot of money.
Yesterday was a beautiful spring day, the sky was blue, the sun was shining. I was on my way to work, zipping along the quiet country roads. I all of a sudden spotted him and sure enough he spotted me, didn't take long once I past him to see the flashing light in my rear mirror...Darn I thought. I pulled over and this young officer walked up to the window.
Officer: Where are you heading?
Me: To the Donkey Sanctuary of Canada.
Officer: Oh, so do you know a Mrs. Mo....son that works there?
Me: Oh, you mean Mrs. Yes I know Terri.
Officer: I went to school with her daughter.
Me: Oh yes I know M. too.
Officer: License and insurance please.
I handed him the papers.
Officer: Do you know how was you were going?
Me: Pretty fast.
Officer: Yes, about 31 km/h over the speed limit. This will be a hefty fine. About $250 Dollars plus 4 points against you.
At this point I had really nothing to say, but just grin and bare it.
Officer: Let me just run these papers and I will be back.
There wasn't much time between him getting to his car, writing my ticket and returning the papers back to me.
Officer: Well, I love the Donkey Sanctuary of Canada, I love the work you guys do out there. I have been out there myself visiting with my son before, and it was great. So I scaled your ticket down to the closest I could to about 15km/h over the speed limit. Which means a fine of about $ 52 and no points deducted. And just to let you know, we will be in this area for a little bit now, so just make sure when  you come this way you stick to the speed limit.
Me: Thank you so much and I am sure I will. :)
And of we went our separate ways. Whew! That was a lucky break.


Inger said...

One for the donkeys, you gotta love them.

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

maybe I should have used that destination rather than GCF that day long ago...$350/4points &11years later
Cheers to all the donkeys at DSofC

Cat said...

Yep, good way to save one's ass. Just be careful not to lead foot it after this, somehow I don't think it will work twice! ;)


Cathrina Constantine said...

Oh yeah, you were very lucky. I'm hopping around today visiting blogs. Sounds to me you need to give a donkey a goodie or two.