Friday, April 12, 2013

K is for....

Knick knack
Knick Knack is a small object displayed for its atrractiveness or interest. Gee, as long as I can remember I have been collecting knick knacks of one sorts or another and displayed on shelves. It used to be a collection of all sorts of things and now kind of has changed to donkey related knick knacks. And I can say I have quite a collection. I guess I never grow What kind of knick knack do you collect? Is there a theme to your collection?


Teresa Coltrin said...

I've collected owls, pigs and radios. I love clocks. But, I've cut back on collecting. Too much to dust.

Sandy Campbell said...

Oh my...just a few of this and that, birdhouses, rabbit related things, feline art, wind chimes, quilts, leaded tiffany style lamps...I really don't care for clutter. Just a few of this and that and I am happy.

Crystal Collier said...

I collected things until I had kids. Since then I haven't been collecting much but insanity. =) Seriously though, I used to collect glass and pewter figurines--things that set my mind on fire with the potential stories behind them.

adot said...

I love the term "knick-knack" it sort of goes along with "putter" haha!
I like to collect the old medicine bottles. I find them so interesting!

Great post :)

-fellow A to Z-er

Cat said...

Cats (obviously) and angels are the two things that cover collections for me. Unless you count yarn balls. :)