Saturday, April 06, 2013

F is for....

Fauna Foundation
One of my favourite Charities. 
The Fauna Foundation is the only chimpanzee sanctuary in Canada. Located just outside Chambly, on the South Shore of Montreal, the Foundation was established in 1997 by Gloria Grow and Dr. Richard Allan on their 150-acre  farm. Its primary objective, the rescue and care of chimpanzees who have been used in research.
It was the first sanctuary to accept chimpanzees with HIV.
In 2012, author Andrew Westoll won the Charles Taylor Prize for his non-fiction book The Chimps of Fauna Sanctuary, detailing his encounters with the chimpanzees at the foundation. It truly is an amazing book.  
At the beginning of the year I decided to adopt a chimp, I picked Jethro. He is a very handsome boy.His story just makes me sad. Jethro was born on August 23, 1989 and raised in the lab. His father was part of the American Space Program and a successful "Breeder". Jethro's mother, Marion, was also extensively in the breeding program and bore many babies. Jethro was taken from Marion at a very young age and raised in the lab nursery. He was subject in varies rhino virus and vaccine studies and liver biopsies. Jethro only lasted until age of seven before succumbing to deperession from the stresses of lab life. He stopped eating and drinking and would lie motionless at the back of his cage. I am glad Jethro found a loving new home where he is cared for and loved and can be as close to being a Chimp as possible in an enclosed area. 
To learn more about this great Foundation, check out their website.


Inger said...

You have such a good heart.

Maria Dunn said...

I had no idea there were Chimpanzee refuges like this. Amazing. Thanks for the animal education. God bless, Maria at Delight Directed Living

Lynn Proctor said...

it is amazing and yes, bless you :)

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Good Luck with the rest of the A-Z blog challenge. Your posts are great to read. I nominated you for a Liebster Blogging Award.. You can check out the entry on my page:

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