Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A broken little creature.

I knew why I didn't want to meet her, I knew I would fall in love with that sweet little face as soon as I saw it, so I tried to stay away, used any excuse I could come up with to not make myself go down to the barn. I have heard about her condition and how bleak her future was, even here with us. With us! The first place in her pretty short life where people loved her and cared for her. I didn't want to get attached and then have to say good-bye again. I  just couldn't handle it. Well all my avoiding her sure didn't help me  and I met her yesterday, on her full last day on earth, her last day of pain and suffering. You look at this sweet little innocent, fearwritten  face  and you wonder, how could anybody do this to this sweet little creature. For the first time  I actually want to hurt somebody. You are so lucky you are dead already, you were a poor excuse of a human being. What you did to this innocent creature is beyond what my human brain can even try to comprehend. I have seen a lot of bad cases of neglect and abuse over the time at the DSC, but I have never seen such a broken animal in my life. Not only was her little body broken, her spirit was broken as well.
You looked at her and all you wanted to do was cuddle  and love her, but you couldn' t even do that, because she was never handled and was too fearful of people. She never had seen even another animal. Everything was scary to her. Despite the poor conditon she was a fighter, a fighter to keep people as far as possible away from her. She was a spinner and a kicker. She had overgrown hooves, her hooves and legs were so deformed that they caused breakes in her leg bones. One can only imagine the pain this little creature has suffered and yet she was still standing and running, because she had to get away from people to not get hurt any more. I hope she finds the rest and peace and love whereever she will go now.
Her name was Dixie and she was a mini mule. 


Vicky said...

Thank you for telling her story

Tina said...

She was the cutest little equine I have ever seen. She looked just like a mini donkey with short ears.