Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Seems just like yesterday....

that I posted a "This and That on a Tuesday", but it's been a week already again. Honestly not sure where the time goes these days. So here are some tidbits of the happens and thoughts of the last week that I have not posted about yet.
* I think we are all in the wrong profession unless you are a plumber. With the busted water line it was a big task to find somebody who would do it, so it was trial and error about who was willing to take on this big job. Well as it showed up yesterday in form of an invoice it was an expensive trial. What other job can you have where you show up for five minutes, decide you can't or won't do the job and charge me for an hour of your service? Must be nice....really the logic of this would be for me.....get ten calls a day like that....say ten times you can't do it and still make over a $ 1000 a day......something is wrong with this picture.
* The kitchen ceiling and hallway ceilings are painted, all holes are patched up and it's now time to pick the wall colours. Wow I sure love my clean kitchen ceiling and not a shred of evidence that I won't set the kitchen on fire lol...that's a good thing!
* Friday I had my job evaluation for my "main job", it was all good and I was happy with it. We set some goals and they will be a little bit tricky for me being an introvert but secretively I would love to be able to do those I am my own roadblock and I am the only one who can remove it will be a challenge. With a great evaluation also comes the compliment or at least it should be seen as one that somebody wants to steal me away from that place for one night a week and work at one of the local High schools for one of the programs I already supervise. I think not.....mostly too because it's a Wednesday and that is the only day I see my Stitching Sisters, even if I can't stitch with them on those nights I at least can still see them and catch up in the hallway or a visit in the office.
* Ha ha want to post my pictures where? OMG, people who know me, know how much I hate getting my picture taken, let alone posted on something,  however I have two pictures posted on the DSC Website and soon will be appearing as advertisement in a tourist guide. I think that's hilarious. :)
* The CT scan has been booked and I can't wait to have it done...I hate not knowing what is going on and feeling so crappy all the time. However I doubt that it will be bringing any resolution. Keeping busy as hell keeps my mind of it but at the same time I need some recuperating time, but I miss my friends and really should stop being such a hermit. But it's hard!!!! YUCK!!

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S. J. Qualls said...

You have had a busy week!

I wish I could get around better or I too, would be the plumber who "couldn't do it" and make my fortune.