Saturday, January 19, 2013

What's with all the colours?

For someone who is quite happy being in black, gray, brown and dark blue tones, I have all of a sudden developed this magnetic pull to colours. What is that all about?
It all started with this..... I totally love the colours especially the green and the electric blue. A little bit slow on the progress but I have been pulling some threads through the fabric, of course not as much as I had hoped for, but better a little than none.
Then the other day as I was leaving a store I saw this beautiful scarf and just had to have it...again it's the colours that drew me to many scarves can one person need? Looks like I have traded my purse obsession  in for a scarf obsession.... I must have about 7 different scarves now, this is my current favourite.......
And then today during a shopping outing with some friends I found these of all things part of them though, they don't  match. Love it!!!! Ha ha!!!!


S. J. Qualls said...

My goodness, you have gone wild with the colors! (says the woman wearing electric blue yoga pants, a purple sweat shirt and a red shirt and loving it)

Great cross stitching, no baby colors there! You know you can't go wrong with those socks, you can even mix and not match those!

Cat said...

I seem to be going the other way with my clothing, except socks. I have been going from brighter colors to black, and working more with texture. Odd how that goes. As for the socks, I love those, when I knit ups socks, I will sometimes knit them so they don't exactly match, and I have paired socks, when one has gone away, with another for a completely random effect... And love the cross stitch!


Tracey said...

Loving the colours too...what fun! Could it possibly be this dreary, dull time of year??

Donkey Bums said...

Haha! I've noticed that I've done the same thing....there's some purple and even some pink in my closet now!!EEEK!

Tina said...

Way to go Sharon in your choice of colours for your beautiful :).
Thanks Cat and yes it it odd how things go. Love that you are knitting every sock a little different...keeps it interesting. :)
Not Sure is just way too unusual for me.
I hear you, I have pink in my closet...something is definitely wrong with that picture.
Glad you are blogging again, have missed seeing my cutie Cash. Loved the letting it all hang out....that was too funny.