Monday, January 14, 2013

Saying good-bye to a "dare devil" angel

On Saturday I attended with a few friends the Celebration of life for a young man, whose life was cut way to short by a disease called Melanoma. At not even thirty he lost his five year hard battle with this cancer, leaving behind a young wife and two young children. Thinking of the young man he was, the courageous battle he fought and how tragically it ended is just heart breaking. This was a man who was held down by nothing until it got too much by the end of last summer, when cancer had widely spread to his liver and brain. In early December his health took a turn for even worse and emergency surgery only confirmed what everybody knew all along, that he won't have much time left. After surgery he was on life support and was taken of it just before Christmas. Christmas Eve he was moved into the Hospice here in town, where he was surrounded by his family every day until he closed his eyes forever on January 2nd. Rest in Peace!

Good looked around His garden and he found an empty place,
He then looked down upon this earth and saw your tired face.
He put His arms around you and lifted you to rest.
God's garden must be beautiful, He always takes the best.
He knew that you would never get will on earth again.
He saw that the road was getting rough and the hills were hard to climb
So he closed your weary eyelids and whispered "Peace be thine".
It broke our hearts to lose you but you didn't go alone.
For part of us went with you
The day God called you home.

Listen to his young wife, being strong, while she read about the love of her life was just heart breaking and there was not a dry eye in the hall. She did amazingly well and sure knows that she still can draw on the love they once shared. It was beautiful.


S. J. Qualls said...

Aw... another one. So young. This is hard for his family, I'm sure.

Inger said...

So sad, so young. This is a horrible cancer that seems to affect the young. Our blogger friend Leontien died of melanoma last Thursday.

Tina said...

Yes I read that Inger, again so sad. My dad died from it as well!

Tammy B said...

wow sorry, loved the poem says it all!!