Thursday, December 06, 2012

Dec.6: Christmas at the DSC

Of course we celebrate Christmas at the DSC, the stockings are hung, and Tibet, Juno, Summer, Molly and Saucy each have written a sweet "Dear Santa' letter and asked for things for them and their donkey friends. Donations have been flooding the office and the odd Christmas card for the donkeys are sent. Earl Grey received an extra $ 50 Dollars from one of his sponsors so he can take the guys out for an extra carrot. Their stockings are stuffed with Hay, Straw, vet wrap, swat and all kinds of little trinkets a donkey might use. The DSC is open the four Sundays in December, now only three more, before Christmas. Join the donkeys in stories, hot chocolate, all kinds of goodies and do a little bit of Christmas shopping away from the hectic malls. All that is missing is a little bit of snow.

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S. J. Qualls said...

The snow will come soon enough. It's nice that their stockings are filling :-)